14th ICCM Conference – Plovdiv 2022

Welcome to the Plovdiv 2022 Conference

14th ICCM Conference, Plovdiv October 24-28, 2022

The 14th Conference of the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM) will be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, October 24-28, 2022, at the invitation of Plovdiv Municipality.

A pre-conference workshop for photogrammetry will be organised on October 22 and 23 aimed at students and professionals from the conservation community who have a strong interest in documentation.

The Plovdiv conference aims to bring together conservators, restorers, archaeologists, art historians and other professionals who work in the public or private sector in the broader area of mosaic conservation.  The conference especially welcomes students and recent graduates.


Conserving Mosaics in a Changing Environment: Challenges and Opportunities

Cultural heritage is increasingly exposed to threats related to rapidly changing physical, socio-economic, political and cultural currents around the world. Climate change and related natural disasters, reduced financial recourses contributing to neglect and under-funding rapid urbanization and geopolitical conflicts are affecting cultural heritage at an alarming rate. Heritage professionals seek new approaches and effective strategies to mitigate the pressure and the negative impact of change at a regional, national and international setting, and to conserve and ensure the protection of important objects, collections and sites.

In its 14th Triennial Conference, ICCM will explore, the conservation of mosaics in a changing world, focusing on both the challenges with which heritage professionals are confronted with, as well as the new opportunities that might arise from these settings.

The conference program includes the following sessions:

– Mosaics in Urban Environment and Shelters

– Conservation and Management

– Modern Era Mosaics

– Documentation

– Best practice case studies