International Committee
For The Conservation Of Mosaics

The leading professional organizations dedicated to the conservation of archeological mosaics

Roberto Nardi

ICCM President

Welcome to the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics. Born in 1978 as a Committee of professionals, ICCM is the result of decades of professional and scholarly effort to promote the conservation of mosaics in a broad perspective. This involves the study of ancient technology, preventive conservation, remedial treatment, presentation and enhancement of mosaics, both on sites, in museums, or in storage.

The activities of ICCM in the past years have produced clear changes in attitude and practice in this specific field, such as: conservation of mosaics in situ versus lifting and removal from site; the use of lime mortars instead of cement mortars in treatment; and preventive conservation instead of direct treatment, as the means to ensure their long term preservation.

ICCM publishes proceedings of its triennial meetings, as well as newsletters, which today are recognized as the primary reference in the field for scholars, professionals, and students.

Since 1978 the formal recommendations of the ICCM have served as the leading path in defining theoretical and methodological approaches in professional mosaic conservation.

I am very pleased to announce that today ICCM has the status of a charitable Foundation; this new status will strengthen our activities in the future and make our organization even more influential in the field.

Join the more than 300 members from 34 different countries and follow us through this page and on Facebook to support the Foundation with your active participation in our activities.


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