13th ICCM Conference, 15 - 20 October 2017 · Barcelona

What comes to mind when you hear mosaic?

Barcelona, Spain 2017

What comes to mind when you hear mosaic?  Conserving mosaics from ancient to modern


The 13th Conference of the ICCM Foundation, International Committee for the Conservation of, Mosaics, www.iccm-mosaics.org, was held in Barcelona, October 15-20, 2017, at the invitation of the Barcelona Archaeological Service, a municipal body of the Institut de Cultura – Barcelona City Council.

The conference was organized by the ICCM Foundation and the Barcelona Archaeological Service with the support of the Getty Foundation.

Conference theme

What comes to mind when you hear mosaic?  Conserving mosaics from ancient to modern. With this question, the conference aimed to debate about the materials and techniques, which architecture has incorporated in all its varied forms in an artistic and functional expression: pavements, murals, roofs; for both interiors and exteriors. Mosaic heritage extends beyond the renown opus tessellatum, opus sectile or the pebble pavements, to a variety of decorative styles and contexts which the conference intended to promote and disseminate. Art Nouveau mosaics, with the incorporation of the trencadís technique, as well as other less known techniques such the Terrazzo of the Nolla mosaics were introduced and discussed at the meeting with respect to their cultural significance, conservation and dissemination.

The  following sub-themes were also addressed:

  • Management and policies
  • Conservation of mosaics from ancient to modern
  • Conservation, presentation and display
  • Education and training
  • Conservation and management of sites with mosaics
  • Case Studies


Closing remarks

The concluding speech of the conference was delivered by the Jeanne Marie Teutonico, Associate Director of Programs at the Getty Conservation Institute and will be published in the proceedings.

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