Message from the ICCM president

Dear Colleagues,

on behalf of the President Emeritus Prof. Dimitri Michaelides and of the new board of ICCM I would like to thank you for participating in the 12th Conference on Mosaics Conservation that took place in Sassari and Alghero in October 2014.

This year’s meeting was characterized by a high number of contributions that were closely linked to practical aspects of the profession. Many focused on real-world matters such as costs, maintenance and training: topics of great impact for the current and future development of mosaics conservation in all Mediterranean countries. Another characteristic was the presence of many young professionals; a great value in terms of new energies and prospects for the future good health of the Committee. We hope to focus the board’s attention on our young colleagues so that they may soon take on active roles within the organization.

Like all ICCM conferences of the last 36 years the meeting was also a chance to reunite with friends and colleagues who operate within the field of mosaics conservation, thus reinforcing bonds of collaboration and knowledge exchange that are so useful to our everyday work.

I hope you will agree that it was an interesting event, which provided much food for thought and new information. At the same time I hope you appreciated a small “taste” of Sardinia and that, above all, your time there was enjoyable.

I am happy to inform you that starting from next year the ICCM will have a new website and a new Facebook page, developed by the vice-president Stefania Chlouveraki with the support of young colleagues. More details will follow by email soon. An attendance certificate and a list of all conference attendees’ names and addresses are available upon request.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to send you my very best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Roberto Nardi