Call for volunteers – 13th ICCM Conference

The Archaeological Service of Barcelona is seeking volunteers for the 13th ICCM Conference.

If you wish to become a volunteer at this important event you can find all the information you need (in Spanish) at the following link:

A drat translation to English is provided here:

13th Conference of the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics Conservation (ICCM Foundation), 15-20 October, 2017, Born Center of Culture and Memory, Barcelona.

The Archeological Service of Barcelona, the local organizer of the event, is seeking volunteers to assist at all the activities related to the organization of the event and the management of the program and participants during the days of the congress.

Description of the duties of volunteers
The company Manners is in charge of the coordination of the congress. However, some occasional moments and activities are foreseen where volunteering can be a great help for the smooth running of the congress.
The tasks that are expected to need the support of volunteer personnel are:

– Preparing conference folders/bags and participants name budges
– Delivery of conference material and other secretarial tasks at the entrance desk
– Delivery of headphones for translation to the ticket desk
– Support for hanging and removing posters in the room adjacent to the conference space
– Accompanying the visits during the congress
– Follow-up / information during the conference proceedings (welcome, dinner).

Area where voluntary activities will take place
The congress will be held in Barcelona, at the Born Center of Culture and Memory during the week of October 16 to 20, with the exception of Wednesday, which will be taken out during the whole day. Most afternoons and evenings there will be activities and visits organized in different places of the city and, in some cases, in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. On Sunday, 15 in the afternoon and evening, the activity will take place at the Royal Monastery of Pedralbes.

Schedule of Activities
The congress and related activities will usually take place between 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening.

Duties of volunteers
Volunteers will have to allocate a minimum of 10 hours on conference work tasks. If you are interested to become a volunteer, you have to fill in XL sheet which can be downloaded form the website of the Archaeological Service of Barcelona at the following link:
Once you complete the Excel Form, send it to the following email address:
you need to send it to the following address: box that you will find attached and return it to the contact address: [email protected]

Profile of volunteers
All interested persons, over 18, can be accepted, regardless of their profession or work condition.
Priority will be given to people who have availability for the requested schedule and speak English and other languages.

Deadline for registration
You should express your interest to participate at the conference as a volunteer preferably before September 18. The call will close when the requested services are covered. You will receive an admission response to your request no later than Wednesday, September 20.

Commitment of Volunteers
The volunteers who perform tasks facing the public will have to wear a T-shirt that will identify them as the congress staff.
The volunteers will be responsible for the fulfillment of the schedule and tasks assigned by the group coordinator that will be planned according to their availability and the tasks the have signed up for.

In gratitude for your dedication you can
-Attend for free at the congress whenever there is availability in the hall: this will be known at the last minute depending on the number of participants in the congress and the attendance of the participants, every day. Consequently, we cannot secure a place for volunteers at all times.

– As regards the visits planned during the conference, it will also depend on those registered in each one, knowing that we have a limited number of places for each visit. During the congress we will ask the volunteers to sign up for the sessions they would like to attend in order to organize the best possible places available.

– Attend dinner farewell on Friday, October 20th.
Obtain the certificate of the ICCM as a voluntary collaborator in the congress.

Contact address, information and queries
For any queries please contact Monica Mackay at: [email protected]
We remind to those who are interested to fill in the attached Excel form, which can be found at the website: