Call for nominations for the new ICCM Board

Call for nominations for the new ICCM Board

Dear ICCM Members,

as you are well aware, ICCM is governed by a Board composed of eleven members, elected by direct ballot. In addition to the eleven elected members, the board includes two affiliated board members: one from AIEMA (Association Internationale pour l’Etude de la Mosaïque Antique) and one from ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property). An Honorary President, a President Emeritus, and two Founding members are also part of the board.

The Board is elected every three years on the occasion of the ICCM Conference. The current board is exceptionally in place since 2017 due to the covid-19 pandemic which dictated the postponement of our conference. The board shall have the authority to conduct the affairs of the ICCM. The Board provides both routine and extraordinary management of the Foundation, approves the objectives and programs of the Foundation, and reviews the overall results. The Board serves on a voluntary basis.

In order to prepare for this process, the ICCM Foundation Statutes indicate that a call for candidatures must be sent before the conference.  Any individual or representative of an institutional member who has paid the Plovdiv conference registration may stand for election, or propose another candidate for election by submitting their candidacy electronically to the ICCM before September 30, 2022 to the following email: [email protected]

Candidates must submit a personal statement and a CV, which will be posted on the ICCM website three weeks before the date of the meeting.

The candidates will be announced during the Triennial Conference and will be given an opportunity to explain their motivation and present their ideas during a public session on the middle day of the Triennial Conference.

The board is an essential tool for ICCM. You all are warmly invited through your candidacy to provide the Foundation with your ideas, energy and contribution to make our organisation ever more efficient and useful to the field of mosaic conservation.

With my best regards

Roberto Nardi
ICCM President