A new mosaic conservation training resource by the GCI

The GCI has made available online a new training resource to conservation professionals engaged in the training of conservation technicians for mosaics on sites and in storage, as well as other architectural remains. A series of twenty-four classroom-based lessons which were developed for the MOSAIKON Initiative by an instructor team of consulting conservators and educators and GCI staff are now available at the following link:


These slide presentations are complementary to the GCI’s previously published handbook, Technician Training for the Maintenance of In Situ Mosaics , the Illustrated Glossary and the Supplemental Manuals for Digital Photographic Documentation (available in English, French, and Arabic), and constitute a rather important resource  of didactic materials produced by the MOSAIKON Initiative and made freely available to the conservation field to support future training in mosaics conservation.

Consultant Livia Alberti and technician Mondher Habachi repair mosaic in Maison de la Chasse, Bulla Regia.