Conference Programme

Oral Presentations


Sunday, October 23th

Plovdiv Great Basilica (

Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis – Location

18:00 – 20:00 Conference registration and welcoming

Monday, October 24th

The conference sessions will be held at the House of Culture “Boris Hristov”

House of Culture “Boris Hristov” – Location

 8.00 – 9.00  Conference registration

Opening SessionWelcoming remarks by local authorities and organizers

 9:00 Z. Dimitrov -Major of Plovdiv
 9:30 E. Kantareva-Decheva, – Director of the Ancient Plovdiv Institute
 9:50 A representative of the Ministry of Culture
10:10 R. Nardi – ICCM President
10:30 ICCM Prize
10:40 M. Pugès Dorca, My neighbourhood’s mosaic, 2017 – 2022.
11:00 Coffee break


Session 1 – Mosaics in Urban Environment and Shelters

11:20 E. Kantareva-Decheva, The Episcopal Basilica of Philippopolis Project. Conservation and Display of the Mosaic Floors.
11:40 K Todorov, M. Krachanova, Visitor Center of the Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis – On archaeological site in urban environment. Research and Presentation of the early Christian archaeological site and the mosaics.
12:00 V. Nikolic, Challenges of maintenance and conservation of mosaics in the urban environment in the example of the modern mosaic from the center of Belgrade.
12:20 N. H. I. Daoud, M. I. Diab, The Protective Shelter for the Mosaic Floor of the Great Bath at Hisham’s Palace – Jericho.
12:40 Questions and discussion
1:00 Lunch break


Session 2 – Conservation and Management

2:30 H. Moody, S. Williams, Preserving Chedworth Roman Villa’s in situ mosaics –understanding and managing moisture, salts and visitor access.
2:50 M. Tutkovski, History of Mosaic Conservation in Stobi: Changing Practices and Policies over the Past Century.
3:10 V. Popova, E. Kantareva-Decheva, Mosaic Art in Bulgaria from the Roman Period to the Present-Day.
3:30 F. Guiducci, Conservation for preservation, conservation for access: in situ management of mosaics at Aphrodisias, Turkey.
3:50 K. Schneider, Saving the Despoiled – conservation and accessibility of an area with mosaic pavements in critical conditions.
4:10 Questions and discussion
4:30 Opening Poster Session
6:00 Closing

Tuesday, October 25th

Session 2 – Conservation and Management

9:00 C. Maris, A.-M. Guimier-Sorbets, S. Chlouveraki, T. Vakoulis, Towards the establishment of value assessment tools for the floor-mosaics of Delos.
9:30 D. Cassio, R. Cassio, The “Cassio technique” for detachment and restoration of mosaics: origin, development and main applications.
9:50 B. Al Mahamid, H. Al Taher, The Rehabilitation Project of Madaba Cathedral.
10:10 F. Sciorilli, Rihab, ancient Jordan site restoration. A project to create jobs in the preservation of heritage.
10:30 M. Franković, B. Lazarević Tošović, Mosaics of the Southeast Europe: a view through the SEE Mosaics database.
10:40 Questions and discussion
11:00 Coffee break


Session 3 – Modern Era Mosaics

11:20 J. Fidler, Saving ‘Streamline Moderne’: conservation / restoration of gold-glass mosaic at the 1939 May Co. Building, Los Angeles.
11:40 S. Llobet Font, Pavement conservation inside private heritage sites: the case of Barcelona’s Casa Burés.
12:00 N. Kalamvoka, The restoration of early 20th century monochrome tile floors in two secondary chambers of the Hellenic Parliament Building, Athens Greece.
12:20 C. Varvi, Moving a Monument: The Relocation of Extending Arms of Christ at Houston Methodist Hospital.
12:40 Questions and discussion
1:00 Lunch break


Session 3 – Modern Era Mosaics

2:30 N. Palavandishvili, Iconography of the Soviet period mosaics in Georgia.
2:50 D. Ivanova, “Caring for the Next Generation”. Emergency Measures for the Buzludzha Monument Mosaics.
3:10 B. Šeme, Conservation of socialist era mosaics in Slovenia.
3:30 D. Keen, Documenting Soviet-era Mosaics in Kazakhstan.
3:50 J. Vojtechovsky, Conservation of 20th century glass mosaics embeded in epoxy bedding
4:10 Questions and discussion
4:30 Video Session
6:00 Closure

 Wednesday, October 26th

Session 4Documentation

9:00 A. Weichbrodt, Documenting in situ mosaics with open sourse photogrammetry.
9:20 S. Yeşil-Erdek, Monitoring of Reburial Systems in Environment of Perge (Antalya-Turkey).
9:40 R. Sala, High frequency GPR application for mosaics status assessment- Study cases from Catalonia, Spain.
10:00 G. Karagiannis, Holistic approach for the tomographic reveal and documentation of covered mosaics and tesserae using x-rays and ultrasonics.
10:20 T. Šaina, A. Gluhan, Effects of salt on mosaics on the coast of Croatia – research and protection.
10:40 Questions and discussion
11:00 Coffee break


Special Session – MOSAIKON

11:20 J. M. Teutonico, The MOSAIKON Initiative: Building and Sustaining a Community of Practice for the Conservation of Mosaics in the Mediterranean.
11:40 M. Atki, MOSAIKON in Morocco: success story of a training program on good conservation practices.
12:00 Z. Chardouh, Y. Ameziane, A. Madjid, A Abdelhaid, A. Djellilahine, M. Reda, H. Rihane, The Conservation of the “Eveque Alexander” mosaics, in the National Museum of Alger.
12:20 S. Karam, M. Ziade, Mosaikon in Lebanon: a further step of a successful story.
12:40 Questions and discussion
  1:00 MOSAIKON Alumni event – Lunch break offered by GCI


Session 4Documentation

2:30 A. Lugari, F. Rinaldi, F. Boldrighini, F. Sposito, M. Chawbah, Risk mapping of the musive and marble paving surfaces in the Archaeological Park of Colosseum (Rome).
2:50 S. Chlouveraki, D. Makris, S. Akpek, Medical technology and 3D imaging in the service of mosaic conservation.
3:10 Questions and discussion
3:30 ICCM Board candidatures presentation
4:00 Plovdiv site visit
6:00 Closure

Evening event: Dance performance of the ‘Trakia Ensemble’

Thursday, October 27

Full day trip

Friday, October 28th

Session 5Case Studies

9:00 M. J. Revez, Scaling-up: Using mosaic conservation techniques to lift and reposition a pavement of river pebble in Loulé, Portugal.
9:20 Kagiadaki, Restoring pebble mosaics on North Aegean islands during the European migrant/ refugee crisis (2016- 2018).
9:40 G. Gelatti, The restoration of the XVI pebble mosaic of the Chartreuse of St. Bartholomew.
10:00 A. De Natale, The “new” pebbles mosaic of Mozia: the restoration work and first technical data.
10:20 ICCM Board Elections
10:40 Questions and discussion
11:00 Coffee Break


Session 5Case Studies

11:20 I. Kučerová, Last Judgment mosaic at Prague Castle – 20 years after the restoration of the third panel.
11:40 C.M Paz Pérez, I. Ruiz de Torres Moustaka, Previous studies in the Cosmogonic mosaic of Mérida, Spain.
12.00 A. Gamarra Campuzano, Extracting information from a stored mosaic from the sixties. Roman mosaic of Premià de Mar (Barcelona).
12:20 M. Hani, Conservation-restauration and development of the mosaics of the district of the roman villas of Carthage.
12.40 Questions and discussion
   1:00 Lunch break


Session 5Case Studies

2:30 J. Lansdowne, Preserved in Fragments: The Later Life and Conservation of the Santa Croce Micromosaic.
2:50 R. Karamanova-Zlatkova, Mosaics from Stara Zagora exposed in urban environment.
3:10 F. Hadjichristofi, First Interventions on the Mosaics of the Villa of the Hippodrome at Akaki, Cyprus.
3:30 E. Chantriaux,The Mosaic of the Seasons from Antioch conserved in the Louvre Museum: a new restoration conducted by the « Atelier de restauration de mosaïques et d’enduits peints »/
3:50 M.Solomidou-Ieronymidou,The case of the mural mosaic depicting Apostle Markos from the church of Panayia Kanakaria (Cyprus) and its unification after 43 years.
4:10 M. Mertzani, M. Deliprimi, F. Getimoglou, M. Krini, N. Tolis, From pieces to floors: reversing past practices.
4:30 Questions and discussion
4:50 New Board Presentation
5:00 Conference Closure and Closing Party