Conference Programme

Conference Program

Sunday, October 23th

Plovdiv Great Basilica (

Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis – Location

18:00 – 20:00 Conference registration and welcoming

Monday, October 24th

The conference sessions will be held at the House of Culture “Boris Hristov”

House of Culture “Boris Hristov” – Location

Opening SessionWelcoming remarks by local authorities and organizers

8:00 Registration
 9:15 Z. Dimitrov -Major of Plovdiv
 9:30 E. Kantareva-Decheva, – Director of the Ancient Plovdiv Institute
 9:45 A representative of the Ministry of Culture
10:00 R. Nardi – ICCM President
10:15 J. Weinstein – Director of the Getty Foundation
10:30 ICCM Prize
10:40 M. Pugès Dorca, My neighbourhood’s mosaic, 2017 – 2022.
11:00 Coffee break

Session 1 – Mosaics in Urban Environment and Shelters

11:20 E. Kantareva-Decheva, The Episcopal Basilica of Philippopolis Project. Conservation and Display of the Mosaic Floors.
11:40 K. Todorov, M. Krachanova, Visitor Center of the Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis – On archaeological site in urban environment. Research and Presentation of the early Christian archaeological site and the mosaics.
12:00 V. Nikolic, Challenges of maintenance and conservation of mosaics in the urban environment in the example of the modern mosaic from the center of Belgrade.
12:20 N. H. I. Daoud, M. I. Diab, The Protective Shelter for the Mosaic Floor of the Great Bath at Hisham’s Palace – Jericho.
12:40 Questions and discussion
1:00 Lunch break

Session 2 – Conservation and Management

2:30 H. Moody, S. Williams, Preserving Chedworth Roman Villa’s in situ mosaics –understanding and managing moisture, salts and visitor access.
2:50 M. Tutkovski, History of Mosaic Conservation in Stobi: Changing Practices and Policies over the Past Century.
3:10 V. Popova, E. Kantareva-Decheva, Mosaic Art in Bulgaria from the Roman Period to the Present-Day.
3:30 F. Guiducci, Conservation for preservation, conservation for access: in situ management of mosaics at Aphrodisias, Turkey.
3:50 K. Schneider, Saving the Despoiled – conservation and accessibility of an area with mosaic pavements in critical conditions.
4:10 Questions and discussion
4:30 Opening Poster Session
6:00 Closing

 Tuesday, October 25th

Session 2 – Conservation and Management

9:00 C. Maris, A.-M. Guimier-Sorbets, S. Chlouveraki, T. Vakoulis, Towards the establishment of value assessment tools for the floor-mosaics of Delos.
9:30 D. Cassio, R. Cassio, The “Cassio technique” for detachment and restoration of mosaics: origin, development and main applications.
9:50 B. Al Mahamid, H. Al Taher,  The Rehabilitation Project of Madaba Cathedral.
10:10 F. Sciorilli, Rihab, ancient Jordan site restoration. A project to create jobs in the preservation of heritage.
10:30 M. Franković, B. Lazarević Tošović, Mosaics of the Southeast Europe: a view through the SEE Mosaics database.
10:40 Questions and discussion
11:00 Coffee break

Session 3 – Modern Era Mosaics

11:20 J. Fidler, Saving ‘Streamline Moderne’: conservation / restoration of gold-glass mosaic at the 1939 May Co. Building, Los Angeles.
11:40 S. Llobet Font, Pavement conservation inside private heritage sites: the case of Barcelona’s Casa Burés.
12:00 N. Kalamvoka, The restoration of early 20th century monochrome tile floors in two secondary chambers of the Hellenic Parliament Building, Athens Greece.
12:20 C. Varvi, Moving a Monument: The Relocation of Extending Arms of Christ at Houston Methodist Hospital.
12:40 Questions and discussion
13:00 Lunch break

Session 3 – Modern Era Mosaics

14:30 N. Palavandishvili, Iconography of the Soviet period mosaics in Georgia.
14:50 D. Ivanova, “Caring for the Next Generation”. Emergency Measures for the Buzludzha Monument Mosaics.
15:10 B. Šeme, Conservation of socialist era mosaics in Slovenia.
15:30 D. Keen, Documenting Soviet-era Mosaics in Kazakhstan.
15:50 J. Vojtechovsky, Conservation of 20th century glass mosaics embeded in epoxy bedding
16:10 Questions and discussion
16:30 Video Session
18:00 Closure

 Wednesday, October 26th

 Session 4Documentation

9:00 A. Weichbrodt, Documenting in situ mosaics with open sourse photogrammetry.
9:20 S. Yeşil-Erdek, Monitoring of Reburial Systems in Environment of Perge (Antalya-Turkey).
9:40 R. Sala, High frequency GPR application for mosaics status assessment- Study cases from Catalonia, Spain.
10:00 G. Karagiannis, Holistic approach for the tomographic reveal and documentation of covered mosaics and tesserae using x-rays and ultrasonics.
10:20 T. Šaina, A. Gluhan, Effects of salt on mosaics on the coast of Croatia – research and protection.
10:40 Questions and discussion
11:00 Coffee break

Special Session – MOSAIKON

11:20 J. M. Teutonico, The MOSAIKON Initiative: Building and Sustaining a Community of Practice for the Conservation of Mosaics in the Mediterranean.
11:40 M. Atki, MOSAIKON in Morocco: success story of a training program on good conservation practices.
12:00 Z. Chardouh, Y. Ameziane, A. Madjid, A Abdelhaid, A. Djellilahine, M. Reda, The Conservation of the “Eveque Alexander” mosaics, in the National Museum of Alger.
12:20 S. Karam, M. Ziade, Mosaikon in Lebanon: a further step of a successful story.
12:40 Questions and discussion
  13:00 MOSAIKON Alumni event – Lunch break offered by GCI

 Session 4Documentation

14:30 A. Lugari, F. Rinaldi, F. Boldrighini, F. Sposito, M. Chawbah, Risk mapping of the musive and marble paving surfaces in the Archaeological Park of Colosseum (Rome).
14:50 S. Chlouveraki, D. Makris, S. Akpek, Medical technology and 3D imaging in the service of mosaic conservation.
15:10 Questions and discussion
15:30 ICCM Board candidatures presentation
16:00 Plovdiv site visit
18:00 Closure

Evening event: Dance performance of the ‘Trakia Ensemble’.

Thursday, October 27

Full day tour, see below Conference visits and tours’ 

Friday, October 28th

 Session 5Case Studies

9:00 M. J. Revez, Scaling-up: Using mosaic conservation techniques to lift and reposition a pavement of river pebble in Loulé, Portugal.
9:20 A. Kagiadaki, Restoring pebble mosaics on North Aegean islands during the European migrant/ refugee crisis (2016- 2018).
9:40 G. Gelatti, The restoration of the XVI pebble mosaic of the Chartreuse of St. Bartholomew.
10:00 A. De Natale, The “new” pebbles mosaic of Mozia: the restoration work and first technical data.
10:20 ICCM Board Elections
10:40 Questions and discussion
11:00 Coffee Break

Session 5Case Studies

11:20 I. Kučerová, Last Judgment mosaic at Prague Castle – 20 years after the restoration of the third panel.
11:40 C.M Paz Pérez, I. Ruiz de Torres Moustaka, Previous studies in the Cosmogonic mosaic of Mérida, Spain.
12.00 A. Gamarra Campuzano, Extracting information from a stored mosaic from the sixties. Roman mosaic of Premià de Mar (Barcelona).
12:20 M. Hani, Conservation-restoration and development of the mosaics of the district of the roman villas of Carthage.
12.40 Questions and discussion
 13:00 Lunch break

Session 5Case Studies

14:30 J. Lansdowne, Preserved in Fragments: The Later Life and Conservation of the Santa Croce Micromosaic.
14:50 R. Karamanova-Zlatkova, Mosaics from Stara Zagora exposed in urban environment.
15:10 F. Hadjichristofi, First Interventions on the Mosaics of the Villa of the Hippodrome at Akaki, Cyprus.
15:30 E. Chantriaux,The Mosaic of the Seasons from Antioch conserved in the Louvre Museum: a new restoration conducted by the « Atelier de restauration de mosaïques et d’enduits peints »/
15:50 M.Solomidou-Ieronymidou, The case of the mural mosaic depicting Apostle Markos from the church of Panayia Kanakaria (Cyprus) and its unification after 43 years.
16:10 M. Mertzani, M. Deliprimi, F. Getimoglou, M. Krini, N. Tolis, From pieces to floors: reversing past practices.
16:30 Questions and discussion
16:50 New Board Presentation
17:00 Conference Closure
19:00 Closing Party

 Poster presentations

  1. A. Akyol, The archaeometric analyses of late roman mosaics from Hadrianoupolis in Anatolia
  2. Al Baaini, Restoration project of Al Rayyan mosaic pavement- a new cadres training initiative
  3. Al-Haj Ali, Mosaic of Allenbgh
  4. Al-Haj Ali, The Mosaic Pavement of St John monastery (Al-Nabghah)
  5. Albireeki, Mosaic of the Libya Palace
  6. Apostolova Chalovska, Towards the study of several middle-byzantine opus sectile pavements from Macedonia: origin, influences, state of conservation
  7. Asharaf, How to deal with mosaics and ways preserve them
  8. M. Awad, The conservation of Mosaic floor of chapel of the Martyr Theodore in Madaba
  9. M. Awad, Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art & Restoration and its role in restoration of mosaic floors. Projects through Corona Virus pandemic (COVID -19)
  10. Bouzoubaa, Comparison of the Tessellata of Some Roman Mosaics and Their Provenance Areas between the Archaeological Sites of Volubilis and Lixus (Morocco)
  11. Cassio, Mosaics of the underground archaeological area of Saint John Lateran, Rome
  12. Chlouveraki, S. Minetou, A. Karampotsos, E. Charalambous, Glass tesserae from the early Christian wall mosaics of Panagia Kanakaria in Lithrankomi, Cyprus: composition, technology, provenance
  13. Crnoglavac, I. Raskovic, M. Komlenic, Archaeological site Mediana in Nis, Serbia: renovation of museum with focus on a new way of presentation of mosaic floors
  14. Cura, In the repair of Hagia Sophia dome mosaics a detection on the use of injection mortars
  15. Decheva, Searching for Late Antique Mosaics online
  16. Decheva-Uchkunova, Mosaics of Plovdiv artists from the 70s and 80s of the 20th century – technical and technological aspects
  17. Dekayir, Contribution of GIS in the management of roman mosaics data in Volubilis archaeological
  18. Dekayir, Ultrasonic and GPR investigations of Ephebe Roman Mosaic in Volubilis archaeological site (Morocco)
  19. Dural, Gordion Mosaics
  20. Es-Sadra, The conservation and management of in situ Mosaics of Volubilis – Morocco
  21. Fialová, Graffiti removal from glass mosaic by microemulsion system – case study
  22. Gergian, Conservation and presentation challenges under harsh climate conditions: The mosaics of Anjar-
  23. C. Gheorghita, Preliminary research regarding the in situ state of conservation of the ancient wall and the polychrome pavement mosaic at the Roman edifice of Tomis-Constanţa, Romania IV-VI century AD
  24. Hendrix, Seen and Unseen: The Current Situation of Istanbul’s Mosaics
  25. Ikonomova, Emergency lift of antique mosaics from private terrains
  26. Jankovic, Re-conservation and restoration in situ mosaic from Archaeological site Felix Romuliana
  27. Joachimsen, A Medusa mosaic from the LVR State Museum Bonn. Documenting and developing measures for untreated war damage
  28. Jones, Annual Photogrammetry as a Tool for Monitoring Mosaic Condition and Conservation: A Case Study of the Mosaic Floor from the House of Parthenius at Stobi
  29. Kindt, Chasing the history and the origin of a mysterious green stone of the 19th century mosaics of Belgium, Italy, France and Spain
  30. Krini, S. Chlouveraki, M. Mertzani, The national survey on the lifted mosaics of Greece a decade after: tracing the change
  31. Kučerová, Czech mosaics – topographic survey of exterior mosaics
  32. Kučerová, Czech glass mosaics – typology of mosaic glass
  33. M. Kürtösi, Investigation of in situ regeneration possibilities of cartellina in case of modern gold glass tesserae
  34. M. Kürtösi, Challenging and risks of the re-restoration of a turn-of-the-century glass mosaic
  35. Lachhab, Integration of Three Non-Destructive Techniques in the restoration of Roman Mosaic of Volubilis, Morocco
  36. Lazid, A. Oueslati, Mosaics deposited and exhibited in a museum: case study of the museum of sfax-Tunisia
  37. Massadeh, Latest archaeological discoveries in southern Ghor sub-district and challenges
  38. Mauri, Luigi Guerricchio’s mosaic frieze: a work of art in evolution with its city
  39. Mayer, Recent mosaics floors restorations in Cyrene
  40. Moutaz, Mosaics from Berhlaya – Sub-Damascus, Syria
  41. Ouali, Conservation conditions of mosaics in the Archaeological Museum of Sousse
  42. Politis, Preserving the Mosaics of Early Byzantine Zoara
  43. Protic, Challenges of Conserving Mosaic from baptistery at the Acropolis on the archaeological site of the Caricin Grad
  44. Qilla, Documentation and maintenance of the mosaic floor at the north room of Gymnasium, Butrint
  45. Rodica Mariana, Compositional, structural and morphological aspects of mosaic from Roman Edifice of Constanta, Romania
  46. S. M. Sadoun, Save the mosaic floor from the wrong burial Restore and bury it in a correct way
  47. Salah El Masekh, Ptolemaic Bath (Tholos) In the front of Karnak temples
  48. Shaway, A virtual museum of mosaics in Egypt
  49. S. Şener, Restoration of the early byzantine period Oludeniz Hisaronu church and its mosaics
  50. Tutkovski, The Hood Method: Technique for In Situ Mosaic Conservation
  51. Vanev, Conservation of roman floor mosaic from Augusta Traiana, Bulgaria
  52. Vasić Petrović, A. Lubenova, D. Rudić Vranić, E. Mantzana, Pebble Mosaic Pavement of the St. Roman’s Monastery in Serbia: Research and Documentation
  53. Živić, Mosaics of Felix Romuliana, Galerius’s Palace, UNESCO World Heritage

Video presentations

  1. Fatiha, H. Rihane Fethi, M. Abbad, H. M. Reda, A. Djellilahine, Y. Ameziane, A. Abdelhamid, Z. Cherdouh, Laboratory creation and conservation restoration of mosaics
  2. Frankovic, B. Lazarevic Tosovic, D. Davidovic Gnjatovic, SEE Mosaics Meeting III “New perspectives and challenges in mosaic conservation
  3. Mashhour, Institute for Mosaic Art and Restoration
  4. Oueslati, J. Lazid, Conservation and management of in-situ mosaics: site of the Sousse-Tunisia banquette house
  5. Rabi, Nablus and its colorful traditional tiles
  6. Raed, Khirbet et-Tireh: it’s current status and envisioned role as a heritage tourism site
  7. Smiciklas, The workshop with the theme “The archaeological sites with mosaics: Monitoring and maintenance
  8. Tome, Protection and Conservation of the Monuments in The city museum of Ma’rat Al-Numan
  9. Ziadé, S. Karam, R. Reaidi, Historical pavements in Lebanon, modern heritage under threat


Conference visits and tours 

A full day trip is scheduled to take place on the 27th October. It will include the following sites:

Lunch will be offered in a traditional restaurant in Kazanlak or Etar: